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CDC’s Guide to Travel: COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Country and Policy/Approach to International Travel

Click on the map found here to get country-specific travel health information about COVID-19.

In this interactive map, the CDC continuously updates the number of reported cases, by country, and provides specific recommendations/travel guidance for that particular country. It also includes protocol that should be followed if you travel to that specific country.

Note that, at this time, the CDC strongly recommends that you postpone all non-essential travel to level 3 countries marked on this map (countries with widespread ongoing transmission). It is also strongly recommended to postpone all non-essential travel to level 2 countries (ongoing community transmission) if  you have serious chronic medical conditions.

Dental Whale is committed to follow CDC’s protocols, recommendations, and best practices. As such, in the event that the CDC’s protocol after travel to a particular country includes self-quarantine for 14 days upon return from international travel, you will be asked to self-quarantine in compliance with this protocol.

We will keep monitoring this evolving situation. At this time, the CDC strongly urges to avoid international travel.

Please communicate with your supervisor if you plan to travel internationally. Your supervisor should reach out to Human Resources and Compliance to further address the specifics of your travel.

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