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COVID-19 Testing Spotlight on DEPG’s On Site Testing Solution

What happens if someone at your practice requires a COVID-19 test?

We have previously provided you with other information and resources and FAQs on COVID-19 testing, which are linked here.

While going out to test at a testing site is still a viable solution, we are pleased to inform you that we have now secured our own on-site COVID-19 Viral Testing Kit Pogram!

Especially in a scenario of a patient internal high-risk exposure, where the provider has a full schedule and needs to get tested right away, or in instances where COVID testing sights are inundated , the COVID testing solution we have available here at DEPG helps alleviate any concerns of access to testing or the backlog of waiting for results.

Here are some highlights about the on-site testing program:

  1. The Kit includes one Bio-Rad SARS-CoV-2 ddPCRT Test is a viral COVID-19 test. Viral means that it tests for the live virus, rather than antibodies. We do not require or perform antibody tests in the practice setting. Read more about the Kit here.
  2. The viral comes in a kit along with a step-by-step Test Specimen Collection, Packaging, and Shipping Instructional Document along with a  brief instructional video for the nasal swab self collection. Please review both before beginning the specimen collection process using the kit. 
  3. The test may be self administered by the Practice employee, as long as they are comfortable, or another clinical provider at the Practice may administer the test on their colleague.
  4. Should the need arise to test for COVID-19, especially if it is required or becomes necessary as a matter of policy, Compliance will work with the practice to obtain all the necessary information to collect the viral specimen.
  5. More specifically, after the testing kits arrive and the employee has read the instructions on how to collect a specimen and how watched the brief video (linked in number 2), the employee will be asked to sign a stadnard DEPG Employee Consent Form and fill out a Manifest form with some demographic information that must be provided by Compliance to the lab for the test to be processed.
    1. If multiple testing events are needed, only one Manifest form is required, so long as all the specimen are sent off to the lab in one batch.

Related Information: 

  1. The DEPG Exposure and Testing analysis with LINKS helps provide an overview of our protocol of when to test and when not to test. 
  2. COVID-19 Risk Management Training Series for the Dental Practice, Part 1: Risk Exposure Assessment and Testing Analysis is linked here. Part two of this training video covers the COVID-19 On-Site Testing Solution.


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