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Important Respiratory Protection Program Compliance Updates – updated protocol on 2/17/2021


This important communication is your respiratory program compliance update. This communication went out to your Practice OMs but also added here on our Runner’s Portal, so the entire team can fully benefit from this information and understand this process. One important thing to note: If any questions or concerns about the fit testing, know that Compliance is here for you! We realize this is an entirely new process in dentistry, but let’s work together to get it done and assure we are in compliance.

Display OSHA’s new Respirator Posters.

OSHA recently released its respirator posters in multiple languages. OMs/RPAs: Please display the attached OSHA POSTER English (Spanish or another secondary language as relevant to your region, at your discretion) in your breakroom or another back of the office area. The display of this poster is mandatory to educate all team members on OSHA’s Seven Steps to Properly Wear a Respirator at Work. The poster can be accessed here for other available languages.

Fit testing Updates and Policy for the Fit Testing Technician

The Fit Testing Kit

Now that fit test kits have arrived at each region, we are ready to begin our fit testing process for all DEPG practices.

Let’s continue to work together to get fit testing completed region wide for each new hire. Thank you for everyone’s cooperation and patience as we continue to work to complete fit testing for any employee required or choosing to wear a respirator

  1. The Standard Operating Procedure for the Fit Test Administrator 

I have now created the attached Fit Test Policy and Procedure for the Fit Test Technician. This policy has been recently revised, and the revised protocol (and addendums) are attached here. If you are a Fit Test Technician (or otherwise would like to learn about the fit testing process), the attached policy is for you

Before conducting fit testing at the practice, please take the time to fully review the attached step-by-step SOP document and ensure you review the newly-incorporated, updated instructional video (referenced in the SOP document and found here).

Attached as part of the SOP documents you will find all forms you will need for each fit test. First, you will find the Authorization form (Addendum A to the Policy Packet), which is to be filled out by each fit test participant before you begin. This Authorization will need to be filled out and signed by both the participant and the fit test technician. Next, you will find the Respirator Fit Test Record Form (Addendum B to the Policy Packet), which must be filled out with the results of the fit test. Lastly, you will find the fit test card (Addendum C to the Policy Packet) to be completed and provided to each employee upon successful completion of the fit test.

The completed forms for each employee using respirators must be maintained part of the Practice’s OSHA record- keeping obligation. Ensure Authorization  Form and Respirator Fit Testing Record Forms are kept in each employee’s confidential medical file, which must be at a secure yet readily accessible location at the Practice. (This is to assure these records can be readily presented in the event of an OSHA inspection). Forward completed copies of these forms to me for recordkeeping at [email protected]

Lastly: Keep in mind that the 3M video each technician should watch references a shoulder collar as part of the hood. You DO NOT need this component with our fit test kit. The shoulder collar has no utility or function for the testing hood that is part of our kit – so disregard that instruction in the video.


Rita  Chernyak Weaver, JD

Compliance Leader
Dental Whale®

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