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DEPG October COVID19 health and safety initiatives and updates

OUR GOAL: Working Together Toward Total Safety!

It is now almost November, and COVID-19 legislation is continuing to develop, on both on the Federal and State fronts.

For example, Federal OSHA is encouraging that all employers develop a document titled Infectious Disease Preparedness Plan, and certain states like Michigan – the latest state to pass mandatory COVID-19 legislation with detailed work place health and safety requirements – require this document to be readily provided all employees.

We have always emphasized the importance of health of safety of our employees at patients throughout this time. We are not losing sight of this Gold Standard. OUR GOAL: Working Together Toward Total Safety!

With this in mind, we’d like to address some important updates to our COVID-19 health and safety initiatives Practice Group wide, modeled after Michigan’s detailed requirement. Many states will likely follow Michigan in passing specific legislation to ensure workplace safety. To be ahead of the curve and to remain consistent in our strong compliance initiatives, the below requirements are applicable to all practices to ensure total safety and compliance.

  1. Infectious Disease Preparedness Plan (DEPG). This document includes: (a) already existing policies and procedures we have implemented throughout the course of the Pandemic; (b) updates to existing policies  as needed (for example, an updated exposure risk analysis to include CDC’s updated definition of prolonged contact… read more information here); and (c)adds additional  documents, such the Hazard Assessment and Exposure level analysis. You can review the detailed Infectious Disease Preparedness Plan here.  Additional training to follow.
  2. Official designation of a COVID19 safety coordinator on the practice level. Each practice’s OM is the de facto COVID safety coordinator but the OM may also designate an additional individual as a liaison. After these designations are made, please fill out the attached Notice (How to address a safety issue) and display in the back of the office in a visible location to all employees. If you are in Michigan, please use the attached Notice ( How to address a safety issue – Michigan), which includes specific information regarding the MIOSHA COVID-safety hotline  made available to you by the state.
  3. Updated daily screening logs. Please continue regular screening of all employees, patients and third party visitors. Attached is an Updated Daily screening Log, specifically requiring memorializing (in writing) contact with COVID suspect or confirmed individuals.                                                    The key changes: We currently expect employees communicate with us about any suspected or confirmed exposure based on our Exposure Analysis and Testing Policy, but do not record this info in our daily health screening logs. The ADA form we currently use also does not account for “other” symptoms, such as loss of taste and smell. Both of these items have been added into the Updated Screening Log to address gaps.

We will continue to monitor and update our policies to ensure we are collaborating toward our important compliance goal — Working Together Toward Total Safety!

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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