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Mandatory Safety Training: Revisiting the DEPG Safe Workplace Plan and the CDC’s latest Interim Guidance for Dental Settings During COVID19

Important UPDATE as of 6/19/2020: Since this training was initially recorded on 6/14, on 6/17 the CDC has subsequently amended its May 19, 2020 guidance. In the June 17, 2020 Guidelines for Dental Settings, the CDC removed its initially recommended best practice of waiting 15 minutes after the non-COVID suspected or confirmed patient exists the operatory to begin disinfection.
The rest of the  procedures discussed in this training are still  applicable, mandatory, and in full force and effect. As mentioned in this training, our processes will be fluid to adapt to the ever-changing regulatory guidance during this pandemic. This is just one example of this fluid process. We will continue updating you as necessary and applicable. Thank you for your cooperation! 

As a DEPG training requirement, please ensure you watch this refresher presentation on all the latest safety considerations during the pandemic. The presentation covers our DEPG Safe Work Place Plan and latest CDC guidelines on infection control best practices, which including:  disinfection practices, refresher on PPE requirements, practice operations/patient flow during the pandemic, screening (of both patients and staff), the COVID19 patient consent form, and protocol to be followed treating previously confirmed COVID19 patients.

While fully preserving anonymity, I introduce the presentation with general takeaways from a scenario that shows that following all protocols goes a long way and helps curb the spread of COVID19 at the dental practice during the pandemic

Attached here presentation sides.

Once your practice staff fully reviews the presentation, please complete the Training Register and email it to [email protected] 

Supplemental materials referenced in the training video are linked below:

Six Steps for Safe and Effective Disinfectant Use by the EPA

CDC’s PPE-Sequence Donnings and Doffings

COVID patient consent_ all procedures_FINAL


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