Dental Health Provider Compliance

Protocol for COVID-19 Exposure at a DEPG Practice (reflecting recent August updates by the CDC)

You have just learned of a potential COVID-19 exposure at the dental practice… Now what?!

The Operations Manager should immediately inform their Regional Manager of the facts and circumstances of the potential exposure. Each Operations Manager, with support of the Regional Manager, and in conjunction with Compliance (as required), will follow the attached Assessment of a DEPG Provider w potential exposure and Return to Work Analysis v3 Rev 8_27_2020.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This protocol is meant to serve as a guidance and Compliance is here support you on a case by case basis, since  no one potential exposure scenario will be exactly factually alike.

Also note that this protocol was updated on August 27, 2020, to reflect new CDC return-to-work guidance for Health Care Providers, which emphasizes symptoms over testing.

If the event of a high risk exposure determination, an employee must seek testing as soon as possible. Facilities that offer rapid testing results should used as the first resort!  We also now  offer a DEPG on-site testing solution, and the information is found in the post linked here.

For the convenience of our team members, in the event you have to get tested off site, Compliance created the attached DEPG FAQ and Tips On COVID19 Testing. The purpose is to provide some general information so that employees feel better prepared for the process of going to get a test, which may inevitably create some anxiety and stress. Knowledge is power,so hopefully this information will help alleviate some of  that inherent anxiety and stress, provide more clarity, and answer frequently asked questions.

Lastly, we have attached here COVID Testing Explained released 6_25_2020 by the Texas Health Department. This is a great resource that provides good information on the differences between the various testing types. Some of the key information between the testing types is also discussed in the above FAQ document.


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