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Lighthouse Dental Whale’s Anonymous Reporting Hotline is Now Available at your Fingertips Through a Mobile App

Lighthouse, Dental Whale’s Anonymous Reporting Hotline, is Now Available at your Fingertips Through a Mobile App

Did you know that 40% of all hotline reports are submitted over the web?

We are pleased to announce that Lighthouse now offers an anonymous web reporting app , available in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play store!

Dental Whale,’s reporters can download the app in order to submit and follow up on reports using their mobile device.  In order for the reporter to use the app, they’ll need your keyword thedentalwhale, which is the same as our custom URL

Below is what each reporter will see the first time they start the app.

Once you enter the keyword thedentalwhale, you should click “Save”. This will save that keyword in “Your Keywords”. Then  simply click the keyword to submit your report.

There is a Help file available in the app, accessible by tapping the question mark icon at the bottom left of the screen.  More detailed instructions about how your reporters can file and follow up on reports are available here.

Dental Whale Lighthouse Ethics Hotline Policy is found here .

Dental Whale Lighthouse Introductory video, providing more information about the third-party run anonymous hotline, is found here.

As always, if you see something, say something. Now there is another avenue to do so anonymously.

Best Regards,

Dental Whale’s Compliance Department

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