Legal-COVID19 -Orders and Mandates

Broward County Executive Order 20-07 requires use of masks in public

The order, which was issued on April 1o, 2020, went into effect at 12:01 a.m. on April 11, 202. The Broward County Executive Order can be found here,  and it provides guidance on the use of facial coverings.

The Emergency Order instructs all persons in Broward County to wear a facial covering when visiting essential businesses for services and are required for those who are providing essential services during in-person interactions with the public. This order does not apply to young children under the age of two, and individuals who have difficulty breathing, nor to public safety, fire, and life safety personnel, as their Personal Protective Equipment requirements would be governed by their respective agencies.

It is important to note that the face covering can be constructed with any material. However, Broward County strongly recommends the utilization of CDC guidelines on home made masks. Proper disposal of used masks and other disposable personal protective safety items, such as gloves, must be discarded in garbage containers. 

The provisions of Emergency Order 20-07 will define minimum standards in Broward County, but municipalities can establish more stringent measures within their jurisdiction, but only to the extent permitted by law.

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